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2014 Kettler Electric Bike Lineup is Here!

The highly anticipated release of the 2014 Kettler Electric Bike models is finally here.  Kettler continues its engineering excellence with the refined 2014 electric bike.  The consumer can choose from sporty models with an integrated Bosch center motor or a comfort package that continues to use the highly reliable Panasonic center drive system.  Why choose Kettler?  Reliability, quality, and integration of all electric components into a highly refined product.  Contact Electro Bike Tours to preorder your 2014 model today!

View the lineup here:


Not What You Think; The Common Misconceptions of a Pedal Assist Electric Bike.

We hear it everyday on tour in Asheville, ” I can’t believe how amazing these electric bikes are.  This is way different than I expected!”  What do people think of the term ‘electric bike’ here in the southeastern part of the United States?  All kinds of things; let’s debunk the 3 most common myths…


Anyone who lives in a hilly environment or a mountain town knows what it takes to get out and ride a bike around town.  There are certain sections of town that are not very appealing unless you are in it for the workout!  Here in Asheville, you have to be in good shape to ride your bike as a mode of transport or for exercise.

As soon as someone hops on the Kettler Twin electric bike, it clicks.  This is a transport solution for getting around town.  It’s quieter and safer than a scooter.  You get great exercise, and can choose how much of a sweat you want to break.  Pedaling a bike in Asheville becomes fun!  It is not just for a select few who are in great shape.


Pedal assist electric bikes respond to your pedaling cadence.  If you don’t pedal, you stand still.  It rides smoother than you could ever imagine.  It feels like a beach cruiser, with a step through frame.  This is not the type of electric bike that is comparable to a scooter.  This is riding a bike…. with a boost!



The Asheville Tour, on pedal assist electric bikes, was formed over a four month process of riding every neighborhood street, greenway, and backroad in the area.  We have hand-picked the route to guarantee a safe bike ride for everybody on tour.  Even Asheville residents are amazed at the route we devised;  it truly links downtown Asheville to the highlights of the town on a safe, fun bike ride.  When we are not on the Asheville greenways (bike/pedestrian paths completely separate from the street), Electro Bike Tours travel via slow moving side streets in Asheville.  Locals have discovered streets that they have never been on while on the Asheville Tour.

On Electro Bike Tours the guide to client ratio is always kept at 1:4.  In Asheville drivers are bike friendly, especially with multiple bikers in a large group.  So come tour Asheville with Electro Bike Tours and discover for yourself what a pedal assist electric bike can do!



Top 5 Reasons to Tour Asheville on an Electric Bike

Follow along as we unveil more about the way a pedal assist electric bike can transform sightseeing in Asheville.  Asheville is a beautiful place to ride a bike; quaint historic neighborhoods, mountain vistas, impressive architecture, and a developing bicycle infrastructure network.  But only a select few will get out and cycle up the hills in Asheville.

Pedal assist electric bikes allow a wide variety of ages and abilities to cycle around Asheville.  You pedal.  You get exercise.  But, with a smile on your face.

There are a many ways to see the city, and each different tour caters to a certain group of people.  Take a trolley tour to have a relaxed view of the different sections of Asheville.  Hop on LaZoom to get your laughter for the day.  If the idea of seeing Asheville from a bus seat doesn’t appeal to you, we offer the alternative.  Our option gets the blood flowing and allows an up close perspective of Asheville in its glory. Pedal assist Electro Bike Tour is the way to go.  Here is why:


Pedal assist electric bikes are a blast to ride.  And these aren’t just any electric bikes.  These are German engineered, top of the line pedal assist bikes that integrate all of the components into a very smooth, refined ride.  The Kettler Twin Comfort will leave you asking for a longer ride, whether you are an avid cyclist or haven’t been on a bike in a few years.  The sensation of cruising up a hill with an upright seated posture and pedaling like it’s flat ground is amazing!

“The bikes were incredibly easy to handle on some of the hills around town. They worked so well I found myself wanting to go up more hills just to experience the electric assist on the bikes.” mmbb63 Tripadvior Review


On Electro Bike Tours, you quickly exit the tourist extravaganza and get a peek into the scenes of life in Asheville.  On a bus tour, you can’t stop to admire a flowering dogwood.  You don’t get to walk into the Basilica of St. Lawerence.  You probably won’t notice the nuances of town.  When you walk around downtown, you only see a select section of what there is to offer in Asheville. Tour on an electric bike, and you get an intimate view not only of the historical and architectural highlights of the town, but also of life in Asheville!

3)  IT’S ECO FRIENDLY:  On one battery charge the Kettler Twin Comfort electric bike can travel up to 90 miles.  The amount of electricity it takes for one full charge is equivalent to charging a laptop battery.  So while it’s not carbon neutral yet, electric bikes are one of the greenest ways to tour a city.  You can travel for longer distances than on a normal bike, with ease.  So park the car when you arrive at here in Asheville.  Tour on an electric bike to get an eco friendly experience you won’t forget.

“Hip fit bike tour of Asheville. Great guides with lots of energy. Green way to take in the sights. Loved it!” – pdhawk5 Tripadvisor Review


Exercise is a quick road to happiness.  Pedal assist electric bikes get the endorphins flowing, but take the strain out of riding a bike so you can enjoy the surroundings more.  A trip isn’t complete without some memorable activity that gets the blood flowing.  So whether you are retired and your body often aches or you are young and fit, an electric bike tour will be a healthy activity.


You can visit Asheville a handful of different times and not even begin to peel back the layers of this charming mountain town.  Even if you have lived in Asheville your entire life you will learn some new facts on an Electro Bike Tour.  The town is rich in history and folklore.  We don’t bore you with it.  We put you right in the middle of the magic, and let you see for yourself.  Walk inside the Basilica of St. Lawrence to witness the largest freestanding dome in North America.  Tour the Botanical Gardens to get a glimpse of a few of the 600 different native species in the gardens.  Walk into the Grove Park Inn and see the city of Asheville from afar surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Learn about the Art Deco City Hall in Pack Square.  There is always more to discover in Asheville!

“This was a great tour! We have been to Asheville several times but still learned many new things about the local architecture and history of the city.”  Jessica C. Tripadvisor Review



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